1) Appearance of the Start Page (After Clicking the Green Button):

  • Top line: Choice between ALD-I or ALD-II.
  • Below that: Line with magnifying glass (for [integral or partial] entry of Italian stimuli or numbers).
  • Left window: Alternately contains the items of both questionnaires with the original numbers of the questions (ALD-I: 1-806; ALD-II: 1-1063), each with subdivisions.
  • Right window: List with six columns for recording the coordinates of the selection or search made in the left window.

2) Example for ALD-I: Group B → 43/1 il bacio:

  • Left window: Click on il bacio.

3) Result A:

  • In the right window, a list of all (235) transcriptions collected on map 55 of the ALD-I for this item (= question 43/1) appears; sorted according to the numbering (1-217) of the ALD measurement points.
  • Click on the top line of this list (for the measurement point 1, Tschlin).

4) Result B:

  • Access to the audio recordings made for this item (= question 43/1) in the field is reopened. There are two sound recordings, each with a blue sonogram, a calibrated timeline (up to three minutes), and buttons for listening.
  • The green rectangle in the center contains a reference to question 43 il bacio and the corresponding transcription (in ALD-Standard).

5) Exiting the Listening Session:

  • Back to the relevant ALD map via the green “To Map” icon at the bottom left, which leads to the full view of map 55 il bacio. The previously listened denominations of the kiss appear in red.

6) Re-listening:

  • Further listening sessions can be started by clicking on other inquiry points.

7) Listening to the Data of the ALD-II:

  • This requires a return to the green general button and, at the top left of the same line, the subsequent click on the ALD-II.